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  Mountain FM 102.5!

Rick Sanders

I grew up in McMinnville Oregon.  Radio started for me at a small Community College in Gresham, Oregon where I got horrible grades in all my classes except my radio classes....and right then and there I realized that radio must be my true calling!  Either radio, or being a drying paint seemed more fun!  My 1st real radio job at age 19 In Kelso, Washington paid $600 a month working the exciting and riveting hours of midnight-6!  Turntables, records (those circular vinyl things) and a live microphone....I was in Valhalla (Even though I had only 4.8 listeners)!!  

My good friend Monte Turner offered me a job here in Missoula Mt (I'd never even been to Montana before) in 1984, and I've been here ever since!  I love long walks on the beach, puppies, and sunsets (but lets keep that between us, ok?)


Phone: (406) 541-4946